Uber for Trucks: Bowmenn

Bowmenn is created to solve the problems of inefficiency and fragmentation encapsulating the entire trucking industry. With logistics being a key part of our daily lives, Bowmenn has emerged as the answer to the current issues facing the Nigeria trucking services.

It is a simple yet powerful application on Google Play Store that connects shippers with truckers or carriers in a fast and efficient set-up that saves you time and money. Before Bowmenn’s inception, shippers had to go through several bottlenecks to successfully move their cargo from point A to point B.

Another issue facing shippers is the problem of tracking their goods. Once a truck leaves its location carrying the shippers’ goods, information is lost on the whereabouts of the freight until it gets to its final destination.

All of these issues have created a gap in supply chain. Bowmenn was established to bridge the supply chain gaps. The trucking industry in Nigeria is highly fragmented, however, the service offered by Bowmenn effectively makes it simpler for shippers to be connected with a large pool of trucks while getting their cargoes delivered much faster via a process that saves time for both the shippers and carriers.

Shippers get to download the Bowmenn Shippers App, key in the required prompts, and they’ll be able to browse and choose their preferred carrier from a list of available truckers along with their trucking fees.

These truckers or carriers have been fully vetted by Bowmenn to ensure that they’re always available on-demand to ship your loads to your preferred destination. Similarly, the carriers also have their own app under Bowmenn, and they’ll receive notifications whenever a shipper selects the trucker’s profile on their app.

Led by the company’s CEO, Ugochukwu Chikengwu, the logistics platform boasts over 1,000 vetted and registered truck drivers, all available to transport your load to your preferred destination.

The smart technology behind the Bowmenn app allows shippers to be able to track freight movement right from the pickup point down to its drop-off.

Despite all things being in place, unforeseen events can still affect freight movement, and as a result of this, Bowmenn has provided GIT (Goods in Transit) insurance coverage for all loads. Bowmenn has recorded over 700 trips.

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